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An Egyptian Style Wedding

Shortly after the reception, Sherine and Shenouda arrived in their limousine at a nearby waterfront location overlooking the Sarasota Bay. I added a slight rotation to image and captured this great photo with a spectacular Sarasota sunset.

Wedding Portrait by nearby Sarasota Bay, Florida

In this portrait, I asked them both to hold each other in romantic embrace. I placed the groom between me and sun and captured this memorable beautiful portrait. The veil, thankfully, was being carried by the wind, producing a nice compositional element.

Later afternoon wedding photo in Sarasota, Florida

Thinking in hindsight of images I would need for their story book, I created a strong silhouette of the groom and his bride with a dazzling sunset background. This image conveys a great mood as one can only ponder on what they could be whispering to each other.

Wedding couple, Shenouda and his bride Sherine, pose for a romantic wedding picture.

The groom and the bride are being given a cheerful farewell following their reception. Sparklers light the way to their getaway while I fired off some more images and was rewarded with the image below.

A farewell for the newlyweds after a great wedding and reception.

This is a Coptic wedding ceremony at an Egyptian Christian Coptic Church. The imagery and the symbolism was very exiting to watch and record for my clients. The ceremony was rich with culture and tradition.

A wedding ceremony in a Christian Coptic style.

by Angel Navarro Photography

Our clients, Sherine and Shenouda, are an Egyptian couple with a very interesting culture preceding them. Egyptian culture is replete with symbolism and I was certainly going to enjoy photographing their special day. As a wedding photographer, I search for composition, color, contrast and the like; and, no sooner could I have been eager to be their photographer as they explained the protocol of an Egyptian Christian Coptic wedding. To start with, their vestige was extraordinary as they stood before four priests, dressed in what appeared to look no less than ceremonial elegance. Although I was thrown off by the Arabic language, I understood the mood and the essence of what was happening as Shenouda and Sherine expressed their unfailing love to each other. Many clicks later we found ourselves at a location I chose near the Sarasota Bay to capture some wedding portraits and candid shots. A great sunset and great looking subjects made my job as a wedding photographer a cinch. A few adjustments on my lights and camera gear and I was creating what you now see in these samples. Congratulations Shenouda and Sherine!!!

~ Angel

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  • Angel Navarro,
  • October 28, 2014

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