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Blake and Larissa’s Wedding Day

Blake and Larissa’s Wedding Day

(Above) I captured this image of the bride [Larissa] looking into the mirror as she put on her lipliner [I hope that’s the correct name of that pencil in her hand] — L O L.

(Above) Mom and the bride putting on the last details in the dressing room prior to the ceremony.

(Above) The bride looks over to her bridesmaids as they meticulously perform last-minute alterations to her wedding gown.

(Above) An extreme close-up of the brides beautiful long eyelashes.

(Above) A very happy bride looking forward to the big moment!

(Above) When I arrived in the ‘guy’s” room, i saw these interesting containers. Koolaid perhaps?

(Above) The groom [second from the left] with his groomsmen in their ready room.

(Above) Another photo of the groom and his groomsmen outdoors at the Marriott Hotel in Bradenton, Florida.

(Above) The bride poses for a quick fashion shot by the courtyard fountain.

(Above) The pretty bridesmaids and the bride pose for a group photo before the wedding ceremony.

(Above) One of several funny moments during the ceremony. The glasses were my idea… what a great way to bring additional laughter to an already happy moment.

(Above) The bridal party pose for a group photo at the Central Café.

(Above) Bridal party walking towards the wedding photographer moments before the bride and groom are announced in the reception.

(Above) Blake and Larissa show their gratitude to everyone with a hand-made plaque as they kiss.

(Above) A nighttime portrait taken on the lower floor of the Central Café. This couple looks absolutely fabulous! Simply a beautiful evening for Blake and Larissa on their Wedding Day Celebration!!!

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  • April 26, 2012


  • debra wright, April 26, 2012 at 8:08 PM | Reply

    OMG… So FABULOUS !!! Can’t wait to see more ! Thank you Angel !! 🙂

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