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A Don CeSar Bride on a Stone Lounge Chair

Photo of a Bride at the Don CeSar Hotel in Clearwater

by Angel Navarro Photography

During every wedding there is at least one opportunity to just stop what your doing and survey your surroundings. At a recent wedding, I did just that and found this sitting area. Immediately a lightbulb came on and I set out to share my idea with the bride. She agreed and the rest is recorded in this image for you to see. As far as the technical stuff, I felt it would sufficient to use available light and a quick custom white balance to render the colors accurately. I fired a couple of shots after carefully posing the bride and voilá (ISO 200, 1/30th @ f4.5.

A little advice to the brides which are reading this excerpt, “give your photographer a chance to be creative, it will pay BIG dividends!”

~ Angel

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  • Angel Navarro,
  • October 20, 2009

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