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Chris and Erin’s Wedding Day Photography at Mixon Farm in Bradenton

Beautiful later afternoon sunset engagement picture and photography in Sarasota.

(Above) It was a spectacular afternoon for asunset portrait of Erin and Christopher during their engagement session in Longboat Key, Sarasota.

Romantic engagement session and picture.

(Above) Earlier in the day, I captured this photograph of Erin and Christopher at the waters edge of the Beer Can Island in Sarasota, Florida.

Fun background in engagement picture.

(Above) While in the Bradenton area, I found this wall with colorful graffiti and captured this and several other photos of Erin and Christopher during their engagement session in Downtown Bradenton.

Close-up picture of engaged couple in Sarasota.

(Above) The engagement session moved into the Central Sarasota area near New College. Wedding photography captured by Angel Navarro Photography

Professional engagement sessions for Sarasota Brides.

(Above) In a brightly lit hallway, Christopher and his fiancée exchanged a few personal thoughts as I captured this, and numerous other candid pictures, of them interacting.

Engagement pictures in Sarasota.

(Above) In a nearby grove of bamboos in Sarasota, I created this, and several other, engagement portraits of Erin and Christopher.

Beautiful engagement pictures in Sarasota.

(Above) A slightly different spin on the previous engagement picture.

Peek-a-boo and the bride.

(Above) I offer what I have called a “First-Look Session” to my clients. The idea is to have an intimate moment prior to the ceremony where the bride and groom can hug each other and say the things they would otherwise not have time to say at the altar. The moment began as Erin surprised Christopher from behind, covering his eyes and surprising him with a loving peek-a-boo!

Pre-ceremony photos by Angel Navarro Navarro.

(Above) After a feast of hugs, and an exchange of loving words, many moments of kissing followed during their “First-Look Session”. A very important quality for a wedding photographer to have is “PATIENCE”; waiting for key moments to happen in front of my lens is one of my virtues.

Pre-wedding photography by Angel Navarro Photography.

(Above) A great close-up of Erin and Christopher during their pre-ceremony session at Mixon Farm, in Bradenton.

Favorite wedding photography of smiles and a good time.

(Above) Certainly my favorite photograph of the entire day! Expressions such as these have the ability to tell the entire story in one glance.

Gourgeous picture of bride and groom during their First-Look Session.

(Above) A portrait of a very happy, and soon to be husband and wife.

Groomsmen having a blast!

(Above) The groom and his groomsmen enjoying a moment of horsing around and laughs as they take a cell phone picture of themselves.

Bride and girls getting ready.

(Above) Erin and her bridesmaids getting ready for her walk down the aisle.

Classical groomsmen picture from the 70s.

(Above) A classical throwback of Christopher and his groomsmen crossing a busy street to get to the wedding.

Very cute and funny wedding picture.

(Above) The young ring bearer stuffs a tie in to his father’s mouth moments before the ceremony – very funny!

Ring bearer signs the engagement print.

(Above) Mom and dad assist their son, the ring bearer, sign the couples engagement portrait.

Groomsman reading during the wedding ceremony.

(Above) A groomsman offers a ceremonial reading at the wedding.

Very happy bride at the altar.

(Above) A very happy bride smiles at her groom on the altar. A very happy wedding scene indeed!

Bride chuckles with the groom.

(Above) Erin chuckles at the altar after a funny gesture from the officiant.

A wedding day unity ceremony at Mixon Farm.

(Above) Christopher and Erin fill the unity vase with a red liquid in place of sand. The vase is shaped like a heart.

Terrific day for a wedding ceremony at Mixon<br />

(Above) A gorgeous wedding picture of a ceremony in front of a white gacebo on a beautiful sunny afternoon at Mixon Farm in Bradenton.

Kiss after being pronounced husband and wife.

(Above) The wedding kiss after being pronounced husband and wife.

A smooch after the formal portraits.

(Above) Christopher takes his wife into his arms for a passionate kiss in the garden of Mixon Farm in Bradenton.

Wedding groomsmen dressed as super heroes.

(Above) An idea which I thought was very funny; the men in the wedding party each dressed with a different superheroes T-shirt as each bridesmaid pulled the shirt back revealing the superhero.

First dance Mixon Farm wedding ceremony.

(Above) Erin and Christopher enjoyed their first dance as the wedding party looks on at their reception.

First dance and kiss at their reception.

(Above) Their first dance ends with a case.

Father and daughter dance with embrace.

(Above) The father of the bride gives the daughter a warm embrace as they enjoy their father and daughter dance.

Groom dancing with his mother.

(Above) Christopher and his mom cut the rug as mom gives her son a spin on the dance floor.

Father of the bride getting two kisses at the same time.

(Above) The father of the bride enjoys a double smooch while on the reception dance floor.

Lots of fun at this wedding reception.

(Above) In this photo, two bridesmaids ride on the backs of two groomsmen while dancing the night away.

Creative photo of wedding rings.

(Above) A creative photo of the wedding rings atop a wooden crate at the wedding.

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