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Florida Destination Wedding – Jason and Trisha

T R I S H A and J A S O N were married on a sandy beach in Bradenton, Florida, and theirs was a destination wedding. The wedding photography below will tell the story of their wedding day – photography by Angel Navarro.

Colorful Wedding Motifs Beach Wedding

(Above) I am always looking for motifs at weddings to photograph in part because so much time and effort is put into creating them, but also because the serve as graphic elements in my clients storybooks and wedding albums. This particular motif says it all, “We Do”.

Father and Bride Altar Walk

(Above) Here Dad (on left obviously) was mesmerized by my camera lens, but the bride (Trisha) was super excited to see her groom (Jason) waiting for her at the altar. The expression on her face is priceless and as every bride, she looked beautiful!

Wedding Beach Vows Bride

(Above) As Jason pronounced his wedding vows to Trisha, I captured this close-up of the joy in her eyes as Jason spoke.

Groom Wedding Vows

(Above) Now it was Trisha’s turn to pronounce her wedding vows and I turned my camera to Jason and say he was quite stoked to hear the words of his soon-to-be-wife.

Best Beach Wedding Photography

(Above) This image speaks a thousand words. It captures exactly what I witnessed – a romantic destination beach wedding with soft colors blowing in the wind. This is one of my favorite images since this is the way I believe people envision a destination beach wedding.

Sand Ceremony Beach Wedding

(Above) The sand pouring ritual – Jason and Trisha both pour the contents of their vessels into an empty vessel symbolizing the combined commitment of their lives as “one”.

Bradenton Beach Wedding by Angel Navarro Photography

(Above) What a spectacular scene as Jason and Trisha kiss for the first time as husband and wife. I was intrigued by the groomsmen blowing on the sea shell ‘thingy’.

First Kiss Altar

(Above) A close-up of the ‘first kiss’ at the altar.

Wedding Party Running and Laughing

(Above) We had a lot of fun staging this shot by having the entire wedding party running alongside the water towards me as I took this shot. It did take several attempt and in the end ‘fun’ prevailed!/span>

Beautiful Bride Dancing

(Above) Trisha and Jason’s first dance together. I’m not sure what Jason was whispering, but I am certain that Trisha was enjoying every bit of it. She looks so pretty!

Wedding First Dance Photo

(Above) Another romantic moment captured on the dance floor of Trish and Jason’s wedding reception at The Beach House in Bradenton Beach, Florida.

Bride and Groom First Dance

(Above) A fun exchange of laughter between Jason and Trisha as they dance their first dance as husband and wife.

Black and White Picture First Dance

(Above) I do enjoy this image with the romance happening between the bride and her groom, but I purposely juxtaposed Jason and Trish agains the elderly women staring at them in the background. In a way, I saw the spectator in the background enjoying their first dance almost vicariously (here’s the definition of vicariously).

Peevish Look Groom Dancing

(Above) Jason gave me a ‘peevish’ look as he held his beautiful wife in his arms.

Cutting of the Cake at Wedding

(Above) The cutting of the cake.

Romantic Outdoor Wedding Pictures

(Above) I asked Jason and Trish to accompany me outside of the venue for some late afternoon wedding portraits on the beach.

Destination Beach Weddings by Angel Navarro

(Above) My signature image of Jason and Trisha’s wedding day. This is a truly picturesque image with the crashing waves in the background and colorful skies. On a last note, it was a privilege to capture Jason and Trisha’s wedding photography during their destination wedding. Here in sunny Florida, we enjoy some of nature’s best backgrounds and as a photographer I am very thankful for God’s creation.

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