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High School Senior Photography – Interesting Man

Brendan is a high school senior slated to graduate this year (2013). He turns quite a few heads from what I hear from my daughter and her friends. And so, off we go to create some great portraits for Brendan and mom – also a photographer in Bradenton. For his high school senior session we headed over to a historical park just outside of Bradenton. The plan was to create a nice head and shoulder photo, a formal-looking portrait and a casual one. Read on…

Handsome High School Senior

(Above) Taken on the steps of a porch, I saw the green foliage in the background and I knew once thrown out of focus they would make a great background to this image. The pose is casual to match his wardrobe.

Formal High School Senior Pictures

(Above) Next, I had Brendan get into his formal wear consisting of a sports jacket, slacks and a tie. After placing the necessary strobes in place and hashing out the pose, this formal and stylish image resulted.

Best High School Senior Photography for Guys

(Above) Last on the list was a head and shoulder portrait. After sitting Brendan and choosing an angle to capture in I released the shutter and WOW, this awesome image was created of Brendan. BTW, his shirt was really a dark purple, but after a bit of digital massaging of the pixels the shirt matched the environment which allowed his eyes to become a focal point.

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High School Senior Pictures
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