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John and Crystal’s Wedding Pictures
A great-looking wedding picture of the bride and the groom outdoors before their reception.

John and Crystal’s Wedding Pictures

A picture of the cutest little bridesmaid at the wedding.

(Above) Who can rival the beauty and innocence of a child? Is she a cutie or what! This little bridesmaid had some butterflies moments before the ceremony. But, after a little bit of cradling in her dad’s arms, she was ready!

Wedding couple riding to the church on a horse-drawn carriage.

(Above) A fairytale wedding always begins with a carriage and finishes with a kiss. John and Crystal’s wedding day began with a carriage ride to the altar.

Close-up photo of groom before the ceremony.

(Above) Prior to the ceremony, I had the opportunity to create a few portraits of John and the groomsmen. In this photo I zeroed in on lepel and boutonnière.

Outdoor photo of the groom in black and white.

(Above) Dressed to the hilt, John poses for this assertive-looking portrait just outside the church.

Groom looks upon his bride with joy as she walks towards him on the altar.

(Above) This is a picture of an excite and happy groom! It was an exciting moment seeing his beautiful bride walking towards the altar.

Beautiful photograph of the bride and her father as they walk down the isle towards the groom.

(Above) As the bride and her father passed by me, I caught this angle of the procession with neighboring guests in the periphery.

Father and daughter at the altar at the start the wedding ceremony.

(Above) Now at the altar, the father readies himself for the bitter-sweet moment when he must placed his little girl into the arms of her soon-to-be-husband.

Bride filled with joy looks intently upon the groom.

(Above) Crystal looks intently into the eyes of John as he pronounces his wedding vows to her.

Officiant blesses the union of the bride and groom.

(Above) A picture of the officiant blessing their union as man and wife.

Wedding Photography - Two small bridesmaids sit on the steps of the altar during the ceremony.

(Above) “Sitting on the job” is what came to mind as I snapped this picture of the flower girls. What an opportune moment!

Groom holds up a symbolic gift at their wedding.

(Above) A special gift from the officiant for John. This brick represents the first building stone to go into building his new home. Though I know John prepared a nice place to retire into with his wife, Crystal, I understood perfectly what this symbolism was conveying to them both.

Wedding Portrait - A very nice outdoor picture of the bride and groom before the reception.

(Above) Now at the reception, I had the opportunity to carve out some really nice outdoor portraits for the newlyweds. This once in particular was capture in front of a really nice fountain in a courtyard.

A very fun photo of the bride and the groom prior to their reception.

(Above) This next wedding portrait was capture in a semi-lit hallway with repeating arches. I love the expression and feeling in this great-looking portrait of John and Crystal!

Wedding party holds bride up in the air during wedding picture.

(Above) A little fun with the wedding party as they held Crystal in the air attempting to make it seem like the ring bearer was lifting up the bride.

Bride and groom kiss during their first dance as husband and wife.

(Above) I captured this kiss during John and Crystal’s first dance as husband and wife.

A creative photo of the wedding rings.

(Above) A little bit of creativity using their wedding rings, a flower arrangement and the newlyweds as a backdrop.

Bride and groom hold toasting glasses for a photograph.

(Above) The wedding couple share a toast with me as I captured this picture of them at their reception table.

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