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High School Senior Pictures for Dani

High School Senior Pictures – Rural Location


(Above) Enjoy these fun pictures from Dani’s “high school senior photo session” captured in Bradenton. Starting the line-up, and in no particular order, is Dani posed at the threshold of a barn door. After posing her, I raised her leather boots up in the air and whisked her hair over her shoulder for this look.


(Above) I posed Dani just outside a barn entrance. The dress and boots look great and work well with the environment.


(Above) A great outdoor portrait next to a wood fence which served to rest her left hand upon for a natural model-like look.


(Above) This senior portrait was lit by a camera-left reflector aided by a strong backlight from the sun. The pines do a great job of framing her body and feminine pose.


(Above) A really sweet and playful pose atop a swinging bench on a porch. The digital editing treatment of the image gives this photo a unique appeal..


(Above) Posed over the threshold of a barn door, Dani looks beautiful holding her hair back as she pinches her dress for a sultry look.



(Above) A head and shoulder portrait with an innocent, sweet and glamour look.


(Above) Outdoor senior pictures are my favorite combination and genre of photography. The wooden siding and wood textures make this a natural-looking rural senior portrait.


(Above) A hip addition to the last picture, posed and shot more horizontally.


This last picture was a lot of fun to take. Dani is a pretty and energetic high school senior and capturing her senior pictures was a blast!

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High School Senior Pictures
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  • Angel Navarro,
  • April 6, 2013

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