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Andrea and Khalid’s Wedding Day

Andrea and Khalid’s Wedding Day

Photo of groom to his bride via text

(Above) The bride receives a text message from the groom saying… “I’m waiting for you!

Bride with her veil.

(Above) A close-up of the bride, Andrea, as she readies herself for the ceremony. Yeah – she’s posed and she looks GREAT!

The groom and his groomsmen.

(Above) A group photo of the groom and his groomsmen. The smaller gentleman next to the groom is his step son.

Ring bearer and flower girl.

(Above) The flower girl looks back to see the bride crossing a small bridge as the ring bearer gently guides her to the waiting altar.

A beautiful bride steps over a bridge.

(Above) Andrea at the threshold of expecting witnesses as she begins her walk down the proverbial isle.

A wedding portrait.

(Above) A moment to remember and a portrait they will never forget. This portrait was created just before sunset.

The cutting of the cake.

(Above) Andrea and Khalid celebrate the cutting of the cake with a kiss. Khalid was a true gentleman and refused to splatter any cake on his bride. Yes… a true gentleman!

The reception kiss.

(Above) I captured this picture, and their kiss, during their reception at the beckoning of all the guest.

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