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Jerry and Melissa’s Wedding Day

Proclamation plaque for ceremony

(Above) A proclamation for this special occasion.

Fun picture of bride getting ready.

(Above) The bride (Melissa) prepares herself as I captured this gorgeous image of her looking into a make-up mirror.

Bride having her hair done.

(Above) I can still see the joy on Melissa’s face as she gets herself ready for her awaiting groom (Jerry).

Bride looking up into my camera lens.

(Above) Another impromptu moment, as I asked Melissa to casually look up at my lens. Love the dangling bangs on her face.

Photograph of groomsmen at the Hyatt in Sarasota.

(Above) The groomsmen were such a pleasure to work with and here it is evident that these guys were looking forward to a good time. The groom (Jerry), by the way, is third from the right.

Photo of flower girl.

(Above) How cute is she! The flower girl drops her petals as she walks to join the bridesmaids.

Groom and groomsman horsing around.

(Above) This photo says it plainly – these guys are having a good time! This photo was captured atop a wooden bridge at the Palm Aire Country Club in Sarasota, Florida.

Bridal party jumps for a picture.

(Above) 1-2-3 and JUMP!!! It took four tries, but many laughs later we nailed this crazy photo. Great job to the groom grabbing some awesome air time.

Striking wedding portrait at sunset.

(Above) A very classical portrait of the bride and the groom captured embracing at the peak of sunset.

A wedding portrait of the bride and her groom atop a wooden bridge.

(Above) A happy moment and memorable moment for Jerry and Melissa – now as “husband and wife”. Congratulation guys!
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