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About me

My name is Angel Navarro and I am a professional portrait photographer and photography instructor in the Sarasota and Bradenton areas. I really enjoy my work as a photographer and, hopefully, I can demonstrate that through the imagery I can create for you. I also very much enjoy teaching photography to other emerging photographers which requires that I stay on top of my game. You could say, I am continually learning as I prepare to teach others the skills I have received.

My work is never the result of coincidence. I have worked hard for nearly two decades perfecting my craft, understanding that great photography is never about good luck. I whole-heartedly believe that great photography is intentional! “Good photography is nice… but, great photography is much better!”

I am a full-time family and business man — both of which take up all of  my waking hours.

create imagery

The job of a photographer is to paint with light [that’s the definition of photography]. As a portrait photographer, I use imagination, creativity, the environment and the properties of light to create images that are truly appealing. In short, I approach every shoot as a unique opportunity to create the very best work I can for my client(s).

I make it unique

Photography is not a product to be served without a relationship. Getting to know my clients before a photo shoot is very important. It allows me the opportunity to fashion an experience that is both enjoyable and unique to the individual. My goal is to make photography a fun experience and in the process produce the results that will satisfy my client(s).

I do it all

Don’t misunderstand my statement, I do use assistants, make-up artists and additional photographers. But when it comes to creating and developing my product, I am indeed a micromanager. Creating a ‘look’, setting up lighting, posing, retouching, printing, packaging and delivery of product(s)—it is all me. You are receiving my vision and work as an artist!


My creativity is at your disposal.