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A Beautiful Summer Wedding at the Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota
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A Powel Crosley Estate Wedding in Sarasota

Powel Crosley Estate Ceremony Venue

(Above) If you’ve never visited the Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota, Florida, you will find this picturesque setting in the rear courtyard of the estate. This was the setting for our wedding clients, Andre and Vhalyn — a superb couple.

Bride Talking on Walkie Talkie

(Above) In order to communicate easier, we always bring hand-held radios. My assistant handed the groom a radio so that he and his bride-to-be could chat to each other — hence, the expression here of glee.

Hilarious Photo of Groomsmen and Groom

(Above) Although a wedding is an affair to be taken seriously, we couldn’t pass up this moment to goof around before the ceremony. Andre, in the center, is the groom. 

Father Visits Bride in Bridal Chamber

(Above) The father of the bride visits Vhalyn in the bridal chamber to enjoy a few moments of reminiscing with his ‘soon-to-wed’ daughter. The meet was pre-arranged and only the lead photographer and the video camera man were allowed in the room.

Emotional Moment Between Bride and Her Fahter

(Above) While capturing this moment, I couldn’t help wonder how I will feel when my turn comes to give to my daughter my blessing and a few words of wisdom before she weds.

Close-up of Bride

(Above) Wow… what more needs to be said. 

First-Look Session at Powel Crosley Estate

(Above) We often invite couples to enjoy a ‘First Look’ session before the ceremony where they can have a few moments with each other prior to their walk down the isle. This particular moment took place in the courtyard of the Powel Crosley Estate grounds. 

The Captain's Room at the Powel Crosley Estate

(Above) This is the famous Captain’s Room at the Powel Crosley Estate. The domed room and it’s deep red-stained wood walls are a perfect backdrop to this portrait of Andre and Vhalyn. 

Wedding Photography - Powel Crosley Estate in Sarasota

(Above) Very likely my favorite portrait of their wedding. It is taken in a reportage-style that is trendy and elegant. The playful kiss of the bride adds the look I was hoping to capture to represent the type of work we endeavor to create at Angel Navarro Photography.

Portrait of Couple Crosley Estate

(Above) This is the main hall of the Powel Crosley Estate that becomes visible as soon as you enter the main doors. The lighting and the patina of the architecture are beautiful and add just the right mood to this wedding portrait.

Wedding Photograph of Couple in Sarasota

(Above) This photo was taken just outside the main hall of the Powel Crosley Estate, also captured in the above photo. The intentional slight rotation of the camera helps to break up all the vertical lines in the composition. Andre, the groom, looks very debonnaire too.

Very Cool Wedding Picture

(Above) These are the moments I live to capture as a wedding photographer in the Bradenton and Sarasota area! Capturing these spontaneous exchanges of love and laughter will never go out of style. This photo was captured on the northern door of the Powel Crosley Estate building.

Traditional Wedding Photo Under Doorway

(Above) Vhalyn made it very clear to us that this was a ‘must have’ photo. The location of this arched doorway is on the north side of the Powel Crosley Estate.

Wedding Portrait Having Fun

(Above) Once again, we captured a great expression of the wedding couple during their portrait session. 

Fantastic Outdoor Wedding Photography

(Above) This photo was captured on the front lawn of the Powel Crosley Estate. Their beautiful gardens are very well maintained. Vhalyn’s beautiful smile lights up this happy photo and the green tones of the foliage add the perfect contrast.

Incredible Wedding Photo Beautiful Venue

(Above) This portrait was carefully executed to capture the main entrance of the Crosley Estate. Angel Navarro believes this is the iconic photo of a wedding couple celebrating their wedding day at the Powel Crosley Estate. The counter-clockwise rotation of the portrait was intended to obscure the asphalted driveway.

Trendy Wedding Picture Beautiful Background Blur

(Above) Our wedding day portrait sessions include both candid and posed images for a variety of looks. 

Hip Wedding Photography

(Above) A hip pose showing off the three arches of the Estate’s entrance to the foyer with Andre and Vhalyn looking in opposite directions.

Colorful Beautiful Wedding Ceremony

(Above) A happy and colorful wedding picture of the their ceremony!

Exchange Vows and Laughter

(Above) A funny moment during Andre’s wedding vows.

Excitement as Man and Wife

(Above) Shortly after their first kiss on the altar as husband and wife, the entire wedding party broke into a celebration dance! A very unique and unforgettable moment.

Female Wedding Acrobat

(Above) Andre and Vhalyn contracted Maria Luna, a female acrobat with Studio South Fitness, to perform for the guests after their wedding ceremony.

Regatta Point Marina Cheers Wedding Couple

(Above) As Andre and Vhalyn sailed to their reception venue at the Riverhouse Reef and Grill in Palmetto, Florida,  their guests cheered them on with cheers and hand waiving. 

Scenic Wedding Couple on Boat Ride

(Above) A photo of the wedding couple standing atop a sailboat as they make their way to the reception to join their guests. 

Romantic Wedding Kiss on Deck

(Above) So sweet.

Candid Wedding Photography

(Above) The wedding couple posing for the camera on a boardwalk leading to the Regatte Pointe Marina, overlooking several docked  sailboats in the water.

Wedding Reception Setup Photos

(Above) A colorful display of Vhalyn’s favorite colors to showcase a picture perfect set-up of their reception hall at the Regatta Pointe Marina.

Part Favor Wedding Reception

(Above) A message from the wedding party to their guests, thanking them for joining them in their wedding day celebration and reception.

First Dance Wedding Couple

(Above) First dance.

Wedding Toast Champaign Glasses

(Above) A wedding toast and a kiss. I think I heard everyone’s glass ‘kinkling’ so I hurried over to their table to capture this photo of them holding their champaign glasses.

Wedding Party Having Fun Posing

(Above) There was no lack of fun at this reception! Everyone very much enjoyed the reception and each other. This whimsical photo of the whole wedding party was taken towards the end of the night. It shows the entire wedding party ‘giving it up’ for the camera.

Very Funny Photo Booth Picture

(Above) The photo booth!!! It’s an opportunity for guests to throw out their inhibitions and act giddy and silly for a picture.

Bridal Party Cracking Up Laughing

(Above) The bridal party enjoying some antics at the photo booth as they wear silly glasses and throw dollar bills into the air.

Loved Spelled with Sparklers

(Above) This word ‘LOVE’ certainly described to the whole day. We would like to thank Andre and Vhalyn for allowing Angel Navarro Photography the privilege of photographing their engagement and their wedding day memories!

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