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Outdoor High School Senior Portraits
Jordan's High School Senior Session

Outdoor High School Senior Portraits

I enjoyed an afternoon of laughs and photography with high school senior Jordan in Sarasota, Florida. The red bridge seen in these pictures was used extensively to sit on, stand in front of and lay on for some really great shots!

High School Senior Teen Girl

(Above) Jordan has the ability to shine in front of the lens with a pretty smile. The heels, the pose and the overall look makes this photo a real keeper. The red bridge provides such a wonderful backdrop!

Sarasota Outdoor Senior Photography

(Above) Here I used these metallic panels as a prop to pose Jordan upon. I specially like the repetition of the panels, and the way they blur as they recede into the background. The colors and the summer feel of this portrait is truly refreshing!

Kool Looking Senior Pictures

(Above) I was after a more sophisticated look in this shot, so I sat her just outside the threshold of the bridge and asked Jordan to separate her heels about shoulder width. Next, I overlapped her arms, asking her to lean towards one side to create an S-shape with her body resulting in this terrific image.

Hip Urban Senior Pictures

(Above) Next, we headed under the bridge chasing softer light. The support beams under the bridge provided a nice criss-cross pattern behind Jordan. I processed the image as a black and white leaving a small amount of color in the final image.

Best High School Senior Photography

(Above) I used a shallow depth-of-field in this portrait to blur out the elements of the bridge in the background. I asked Jordan to lay down on her stomach with her feet kicked up behind her. Although this is a well-known pose, it always yields a great look!

Trendy Portraits High School Seniors

(Above) Using the same metallic wall as in a previous photo, I decided to open up additional negative space beside Jordan to write her graduation year. These are just a few samples from a fun afternoon session with high school senior Jordan in Sarasota.

If you would like to see more photos, visit my website’s high school senior portfolio at

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High School Senior Pictures
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