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Family_Beach_Portrait_Sand_Seaoats(Above) This family beach portrait was a lot of fun to shoot! I posed them on a sandy area in front of colorful green sea oats blowing in the wind. The ambient light was soft, giving the family pleasing look. This family portrait was captured in Anna Maria, Florida.

Daughters_Mother_Beach_Portrait(Above) Mom and her two daughters posed vertically in this beautiful and colorful beach portrait. Their choice of wardrobe was perfect!

Family_Water_Beach_Portrait(Above) I wanted to capture this family having a fun time together. So I decided to have them walk down the water’s edge, laughing and kicking up water, and just having a fun time. I really like the sentiment of family time in this family beach portrait.

(Above) You could definitely feel the love between these two sister!

(Above) You could definitely feel the love between these two sister in this portrait on the reflective beach floor. In all my family portraits, I try to place the focus on the subjects. The common thread is always a shallow-depth-of-field, or simply said “a blurry background”.


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