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Weddings at the Phillippi Estate Park in Sarasota
Weddings at the Phillippi Estate Park - Sarasota

Weddings at the Phillippi Estate Park in Sarasota

We enjoyed an afternoon of engagement photography at the Phillippi Estate Park in Sarasota with our friends Jerry and Mylling. Using our relaxed style of photography and a beautiful location, we captured these fun pictures.

Phillippi Estate Park Soon to be Bride Loving Moment Sarasota

(Above) We had the couple relaxing on some steps and enjoy some close-up time with each other. The soon-to-be bride, Mylling, gives us a beautiful look as we capture this spontaneous moment.

Embrace Loving Seated Posed Couple Engagement Session

(Above) Having this dock to work with was exactly what we needed to showcase this lovely engaged couple. They were awesome and posing them in a somewhat seated pose allowed us to get this amazing image of them.

Intimate Loving Dreamy Caring

(Above) Just a beautiful intimate shot of the two. Good light + Good looking Couple = Great Photography!

Sarasota Groom Bride Engagement

(Above) You can’t help but feel the love this man has for his soon-to-be bride. He was all smiles through out the engagement session!

Engagement Session on a dock at Phillippi Estate Park

(Above) A loving kiss between these two is all we needed to click away! Close-ups like this convey a deep sense of intimacy.

Groom Dancing Bride Flirting Sarasota Phillippi Estate Park

(Above) What a fun shot! Here we see him teasing her with his dance moves and I think she is liking what she sees!

Sensual Loving Nature Engagement Session Sarasota

(Above) Among the sunflowers, these two light up in this loving rural-looking photo on the grounds of Sarasota’s Phillippi Estate Park.

Laughing Fun Loving Sweet Engagement Session

(Above) What can we say, these two are in love! These are the moments that happen ‘between the moments’ and should be encouraged through an engagement session.

Kiss Beautiful Pink Dress Couple Phillippi Estate Park

(Above) While at the Phillippi Estate Park we noticed beauty everywhere. Knowing that these very steps would be the location where this lovely coupe would soon exchanging their wedding vows, we just had to get a shot there. We sat them down, quickly posed them and the rest will be history.

Fun Colorful Nightlife Main Street Sarasota Engagement Session Couple

(Above) We arrived at the popularMain Street in Sarasota after dark to get some nighttime photography using the local ambience. The purple lights helped us get the fun nightlife look we were looking for.

Nightlife Main Street Sarasota Hollywood 20 Engagement Session

(Above) Here we used the lights from the well-known Hollywood 20 Theater in Sarasota to frame this shot.

Relaxed Sarasota World of Beer Love Engagement Session

(Above) We concluded Jerry and Mylling’s engagement session with a portrait of the couple softly posed on a bench overlooking a rustic restaurant scene with stringed lighting. It was the perfect ending to a great shoot!

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