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Rico & Trish’s Wedding Day Celebration

Wedding Favors for Guests

(Above) I started my photography for Rico and Trish by capturing some of their wedding favours. For this particular image I placed their engagement picture in the background.

A Cute Gift for Wedding Guest

(Above) Here is another interesting wedding favour. Notice this was an oceanside wedding in a really beautiful home. What a terrific setting for a wedding!

Photo of Wedding Dress

(Above) I was very impressed by the arch that the groom prepared for his bride to wed under. I could not think of a more appropriate location to capture a photo of the wedding gown.

Candid Shot of the Bride Getting Ready

(Above) Ok, this girl had sass! I so enjoyed working with Trish because she lived the moment and I’m sure that through this image she will continue to enjoy this “most special day” in her life.

Gorgeous Bride Head and Shoulder Photo

(Above) A stunning portrait of the bride gazing up at me with her stunning eyes and veil moments before the wedding ceremony.

Pinellas Park Wedding Ceremony

(Above) Shortly after being pronounced “husband and wife”. The bridesmaids had some “sass” too by the way!

Bridal Party Photo

(Above) This private pier provided a very interesting platform for this photo of the entire bridal party.

Sensational Sunset Wedding Photo

(Above) Wow! The sunset that was occurring during this photo was simply AMAZING! It looked like the sky was on fire.

Wedding Portrait at Sunset in Pinellas Park, Florida

(Above) A second wedding portrait of the bride and groom with a spectacular-looking sunset.

The Cutting of the Wedding Cake - Funny

(Above) Hey, it was a very funny moment! I knew it was coming knowing Rico and Trish and sure enough the cake splattering moment happened.

Fun with the Garter Belt

(Above) The garter belt removal is a great moment at any wedding yet Trish was able to live it to the hilt. Her expression in this picture is priceless!

Bridesmaids in the Pool After the Wedding Reception

(Above) Towards the end of the evening, I asked the girls to seat poolside for a photo. On the way, the bridesmaid on the right fell in and that started a laughing attack shown here – what a moment!

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